The Office of Student Affairs and Student Services of Philippine Normal University-Manila spearheads the annual PNU Counselorsโ€™ Forum. For this 6th PNU Counselorsโ€™ Forum, PNU North Luzon was tasked to facilitate the program. The preparation and implementation of the activity were managed by Dr. Carlino G. Santos, Jr., the Counselor of PNU North Luzon and Prof. John A. Furuc, the Officer-in-Charge of the Office of Student Services, in collaboration with PNU Manilaโ€™s Coordinator for Counseling Services, Dr. Maryfe M. Roxas, and Dr. Teresita T. Rungduin, the OSASS Dean. It was conducted on September 30, 2022 (9:00 AM) via Zoom App with the theme, โ€œIntegration of Growth Mindset in Counseling and Other Psycho-educational Programs: A Post COVID-19 Response for the Promotion of Mental Well-being.โ€ The PNU counselors, student services directors and staff from Manila, North Luzon, South Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao attended the forum.

The Executive Director and Provost of PNU North Luzon, Dr. Leticia N. Aquino, delivered the Opening Remarks. Prof. John A. Furuc, the Officer-in-Charge of the Office of Student Services introduced the resource speaker.

The resource speaker, Dr. Argel B. Masanda, RGC, RPm, imparted his knowledge in a fascinating and engaging manner. He explained the distinctions between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. He shared numerous quotes from various successful people as instruments to elaborate the ideas and ways on how to integrate growth mindset in counseling and other psycho-educational programs.

The participants shared their takeaways from the forum that marked the program’s conclusion.