Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors of the Philippine Normal University North Luzon (PNUNL) reacquiant as they were given reminders of good values and school policies at the PNUNL University Gymnasium, today.
With the theme, “PNU sa Bagong Kadawyan: Mga Hamon at Oportunidad” the university prepared a reorientation program for the PNUans.
Prof. John A. Furuc, OIC Director for the Office of Student Services, welcomed the students with enthusiasm as it began with the number of intermissions from the students.
Consecutively, after the introduction of the university officials and the campus faculty, the professors surprised the students with a Sitsiritsit dance.
Moreover, Dr. Madonna C. Gonzales, the Dean for Academics and IPED, did not forget to show great appreciation to the students who were unselfishly involved in the events of the university during the pandemic.
“Hopefully, maging fruitful ang experience niyo sa PNU,” said Dr. Gonzales.
[“Hopefully, your experience at PNU will be fruitful.”]
Afterward, Dr. Julievic D. Palting, the Associate Dean and Faculty of Teacher Development, once again welcomed the students with the presentation of the 3/9 model, a flexible learning modality that will be implemented during the academic year 2022-2023.
Dr. Lina Sario, the University Registrar, presented the required documents to be passed in the office as well as the grade point scale used by the university and the criteria for academic awards.
Furthermore, Dr. Carl Santos and Dr. Richmond Zito Maguigad swiftly presented the services offered by the Office of Student Services and the Office of Guidance Counseling.
Posted by: The TORCH North Luzonian
Article by: Celine Remocal