The Philippine Normal University North Luzon (PNUNL), Korea University of Media Arts (KUMA), and West Visayas State University (WVSU) joined forces in an academic alliance on research, extension and instruction leading to the establishment of an immersive Museum of Living Traditions. The 5-day visit, from November 26-30, 2023, was indeed a very productive experience for the universities as KUMA showcased its media arts innovation that leads to a possible cultural exchange. KUMA University stands as an influential beacon in the global landscape in terms of revolutionizing the broadcast and cultural content industry worldwide. At the heart of this collaboration lay KUMAโ€™s impressive cutting-edge innovation on media technologies and facilities, encompassing gaming, animation, studio production, sound design, color grading, and the intricacies of broadcasting and film craftsmanship.

The earlier partnership of PNUNL and WVSU, headed by Dr. marks a significant stride towards achieving the shared aspiration of establishing an immersive Museum of Living Traditionsโ€”a visionary project that seeks to celebrate and preserve cultural heritage through cutting-edge technology and experiential learning. This collaboration was made even more enriching with KUMA joining the partnership.

Moreover, in the joint seminar conducted, a faculty-researcher from KUMA University engaged in insightful discussions on immersive media technology interwoven with the rich experiences of people within Korean culture. Simultaneously, the Center for Indigenous Peoples Education headed by Dr. Jandy S. Danzalan of PNU North Luzon shared with the group the PNUNLโ€™s relentless efforts in preserving, promoting, and protecting Indigenous Peoples Education through impactful documentaries spotlighting Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices (IKSPs) such as Apo Whang Od and the Rice Terraces of the Philippines.

Dr. Leticia N. Aquino, Executive Director and Provost of PNU North Luzon, expressed her admiration for the partnership’s multifaceted approach, stating, “This tripartite collaboration signifies a unified commitment to quality education through innovative media arts. Our students and faculty can work collaboratively through research, extension and instruction to advocate cultural heritage preservation of both Philippine and Korean culture.โ€ On the other hand, President Yoo Jae Won of KUMA, highlighted the collaborative spirit driving the partnership, stating that this alliance is a testament to the fusion of academic excellence and cultural reverence.

As the partnership among PNUNL, KUMA and WVSU solidifies, the anticipation for the realization of the immersive Museum of Living Traditions intensifiesโ€”a testament to the power of collaboration in shaping the future of cultural preservation and education on a global scale.