Indigenous Innovation Hub

About the museum

About the indigenous innovation hub

The Philippine Normal University North Luzon, pursuant to BOR Res No.U-1865 of 2012, was designated as the Indigenous Peoples Education Hub.  Since then, the University paved a new horizon and set standards for IP Education in instruction, research, extension, and production in the Philippines and the world.

One of PNUNL’s dreams as a Hub for IP Education is to create an indigenous innovation hub of living traditions envisioned as unique and innovative that utilizes technology. The vision is to showcase the rich cultural heritage and traditions of diverse communities from the Northern part of the Philippines which includes the Ivatan, Ifugao, Bugkalot, Kalinga, Gaddang, Yogad, Igorot. This indigenous innovation hub would provide an immersive and interactive experience blending traditional elements with innovative technology to create an engaging educational experience.

Purpose is what creates true existence. PNUNL is a university with a purpose.  That purpose is a sense that the University is a part of something bigger for indigenous communities, that is, it has something better ahead to work for. For this matter, it is working on a dream that paved the birth of Gameng– The Indigenous Education hub of PNU North Luzon. Through this Strategic Planning Workshop, finally, “Gameng” is a dream bound to come true! What seemed impossible years ago is now to become a reality. 

Gameng is an Iluko term that refers to the treasures of indigenous communities consisting of tangible and intangible culture which depicts their cultural identity. Gameng weaves the living traditions and indigenous innovation for sustainable development. It is conceived with the purpose of moving forward and creating a renewed sense of purpose to protect and promote cultural heritage that creates innovation but ensures traditions remain.

The great arc of indigenous innovation history bends towards indigenous communities coming together in one place, one destination, one cultural niche, that is- Gameng: the Indigenous Innovation Hub of PNUNL.